Upon his shoulders

You have all the world's cups

Just thought this was too incredible not to share. An article in the New York Times, heading: In Madrid, Banking on the Art Scene.

Basically an article about how because of a loophole in the law in Spain, banks take their profit and put it to use for the public good and how many banks in Madrid have free art galleries, museums, courses, films and music. For Free.

Theoretical limits of all things that are good

Empire Of The Sun - Walking On A Dream -

boots and legs

I recently discovered Mixtapetorrent.com as I was searching for a specific Wale mixtape. It has become a new obsession of mine. The artwork for these releases alone astounds me in their creativity, vulgarity and quality. My favorite is "Carebears & Uncle Murda" below:

I definitely respect all these artist that are out there doing it solely for the craft. No rules, no money, no executive opinions-just funny artwork, thousands of un-cleared samples and words. If anyone finds other noteworthy tapes I'd love to see them.

Prime Minister


some things last a long time

tell brother i miss him
tell sister i love her
tell mother she's lovely
tell father i'm working hard

i'll come see you all soon
we still share the same moon

How then shall we live?

do unto others...

why am i posting this i don't know? i just finished Arrested Development. i had been putting it off because i knew that once i did there would be no more, which seems obvious i know i just wanted to prolong it i guess. a movie might be coming out? ill post something for the holidays, but right now just this.

Skeleton, Mans

This is beautiful:

Also discovered visual artist Chris Harvey today. This is a piece called "The Mandala of Perfect Happiness." It's made out of cheap disposable plastic items and it's held together by nothing but gravity.

Some friends from Indiana recommended the band Evangelicals to me after they saw them a while back and I just got around to listening to them. Like Tony the Tiger "They're Great!!!" Unfortunately I do now know how to do text lightning bolts.

Everybody else already did

If anyone cares, I have written an essay about politics, it can be found here.

Other than that I got the opportunity to see Anathallo and Cale Parks as they made an appearance across the river at the Southgate House. I rode my bike from work and good friends All the Day Holiday opened the night, all in all it was a wonderful evening. The next day I was reading Anathallo's blog and it was an interesting and encouraging time. I'm not sure I will even be able to entirely articulate it here so bear with me. I remember listening to them in high school and seeing them live quite a few times and seeing them again after so long made me think about a lot of things. Especially now that I am on the other side of the looking glass so to speak now that I am in a band and in some ways we are where they were when I first encountered their music. It makes me wonder what the future has in store for us as a band, as Pomegranates. It also makes me excited and want to cherish every moment that I have with all the friends that i have made through making music and to look forward to whatever friends I might make in the future. I sort of grew up with their music, and now, seeing them as they grow up and get married and move to different cities, it is nice to see how making music is still kind of this string that ties so many different experiences together. This post right about now probably has the consistency of a melted freeze-pop with a few Splenda thrown in it with a side of Peeps, but I thought I would just get it out. Also, to say that in some weird way I think that music can change the world. I know it has changed my life and some of my best friends I would not know otherwise. So thanks to everyone that listens to our music and is our friend. I think that is what I will take with me, more than what shows we've played or this or that. The friends we've made. Thanks.

On a different note, we are playing our last show for a very very long time this Friday the 14th at The Comet with Matthew Shelton's band Me or the Moon. He is also having an art opening for a new batch of his lightboxes next door a little earlier in the evening. Our next show (barring some strange turn of events) will be our album release show probably in March. So let's have one last hurrah this year okay? OK.

I left a can of pineapples outside of your box last night

Our time in New York was a good one. Met up with the excellent boys in Look Mexico as well as Kaz from PWRFL Power. We also made some new friends all the way from New Zealand called Bang Bang Eche. I didn't ask them, but I wonder if it is okay to call them "kiwis?" Either way it was their first time in the states and they were great. Lots of energy and a gritty sound, we asked them to join us on stage for our last song, "Southern Ocean", an offer they graciously accepted. We stayed with our friend Saul in south Brooklyn at his sweet pad. He is a super nice guy that makes great music too and we watched him make some corn-flapjacks. The drive home was long as we got stuck in traffic, but we had some nice tunes to keep us company: The Secret Machines' new one, Led Zepellin-III, Yo La Tengo-I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One, M83-Saturdays=Youth and Neil Young's After the Gold Rush along with some good conversation.

Here's a vid of Bang Bang Eche:

And a band I know is from New York. We actually listened to Sound of Silver on our way into New York and right as the skyline appeared "New York I Love You, But You're Bringing Me Down" came on. It was, in a word: perfect.

And Koz:

A drop of blood

We are heading to New York later today to play some shows during the whole CMJ hooplathon. I'm not sure exactly how all that works but I think there is a positive vibe in the air and we are all excited.

I know they are not technically a New York band but they are close enough. This is one of the funnier things I've ever seen.

Also, some friends:


A special thanks to everyone who attended our show last night at Rohs Street Cafe. I know I had a great time and I think everyone else there did too. I also got to have one of their famous lattes because let me tell you they are few and far between. Yes, I know that sounds pretentious.

Also, last week I had the opportunity to see a screening of the documentary film called The Ordinary Radicals at the Carnegie Center in Covnington, Kentucky. One of our songs is featured in the film so that was some of my incentive but I had also heard of the film and had been interested to see it anyway. It was great. It was a very thought provoking and honest portrait of progressive Christian thinkers in America told from the road with the "Jesus for President" book tour that happened earlier this summer, which I also saw when it stopped through Cincinnati. I would definately go see it if there is a screening happening in your town or try to get your mitts on a DVD copy. There is such a broad range of voices and issues that are presented throughout the film that I think everyone can glean something from it or at least be challenged in some way by the many different people living for something greater than themselves in such different ways here in America. I also talked to the directon afterwards, Jamie, and he was a great guy and the rest of the soundtrack was excellent and filled with bands and artists that I had never heard of-so it was a very pleasant evening.

Here is the trailer:

The Ordinary Radicals - Trailer from Jamie Moffett on Vimeo.

This man named Gandhi said: " Be the change you want to see in the world."
I think that is a pretty good way to live.

don't know what to think.


So I have moved into a new house that has no internet. It has been nice though because I have rediscovered the joys of the Public Library. I've been having to get my internet time in at the library each day so that is why my posts have become a little less frequent. The joys of grabbing the key to the bathroom and all the random children trying to be as quiet as they can, the wonderful staff and the endless shelves of books are just a few of the things I've missed about the place.

I had the chance of seeing our good friend Matthew Shelton play the other night and it was fantastic. He played with another gruop called Fanatics and Traitors . They were great as well and Peter Adams even joined them on stage for a few songs. Unrotunately I had to miss Chris Haubner and Solid Pack because I had to work in the morning but they were both in good spirits. Matthew is also a great artist and he just sent me a link to a wonderful video of how he does what he does. Respect.

This very day I finished reading both the bible and a book called Jesus Wants to Save Christians. They were both very good. I am also reading A Prayer for Owen Meany which I'm enjoying very much.

For the time being I will not be updating as much. But that doesn't mean that I don't love you.


Before there was Vampire Weekend, there was Sonseed.
Perfection. Pure, misdirected, well intentioned, off putting perfection.

Hum Home Honey

Had an interesting conversation with a friend tonight about "Nudists" or "Naturism" and how it relates to spirituality. The reasoning and how people get involved in something like that fascinates me. That got me wondering if there are any Christian Naturists out there and it turns out there are. What they have to say about the body and how it relates to the spirit is very interesting. I found a really great website called Our Sun Home. It's a site/resort started by a couple in California. There's a really good essay written by the husband Jeff who actually has a degree from Fuller Seminary.

We are also playing Midpoint Music Festival this weekend too with a bunch of really great bands from our label, Lujo Records. Should be a good time.

Something to tide you over till then.

Sorry if you still have it

Our time at Red Rocks was great. Tour has been very fun so far. We are playing in Chicago at the Double Door tonight on a string of shows with French Kicks. I'll update with pictures once we are home.

Got to see our friends Say Panther and Oh, Falco in St. Louis. That city is quickly becoming our second home.

Saw this the other day and thought it was great.

Also we saw this band under a full moon.

Tour Tyme Update Pt. I

We are out again on the never ending expanse of highways that the United States has to offer to road weary travelers. But it has been fun so far. We are on our way to Monolith Music Festival and we just arrived in Colorado earlier tonight for it. It is so beautiful out here from what I can tell so far and we are joined by our good friend and room mate Chris.

Our first night went really well in Columbus with Ra Ra Riot. They put on quite the compelling live show to be certain and they are on tour for a while so be sure to catch them. Also they have the most beautiful string section I've ever seen except for maybe The Po,lyphonic Spree.

Our show in Omaha went well but it seems every time we are there it rains gratuitously upon our little land lubber heads.

No crazy adventures to speak of yet but I am going to take pictures tomorrow during the festival and of Red Rocks. I think Josh and I might try to sleep outside.

Also, I feel that on this tour more than any other we have listened to a very eclectic assortment of music. So far: Nick Drake, Wolf Parade, Elliot, Tom Waits, John Coltrane, Radiohead, Delta Spirit, Arvo Part, Beastie Boys, Jens Lekman, Talking Heads.
I guess that's all pretty typical stuff seeing it written down like that minus classical and jazz thrown in there.

Oh well.


Came across this today. It is an article about volunteers with the Food Not Bombs movement. Basically Food Not Bombs is a nonviolent movement committed to promoting peace and providing free vegetarian meals. 8 organizers were arrested while planning to hand out food to protesters at the RNC and were charged with "Conspiracy to Riot in Furtherance of Terrorism." Read more here.

Start your own currency.

This is one of the more inspiring things I have read in a very long time. His name is Zell Kravinsky.

I also just listened The Cranberries classic-"Zombie"- on a mix from a friend.
They don't call them classics for nothing. Any song with a "china cymbal" is "good" in my book.

The aforementioned instrument:

I have had two conversations recently where I referenced Thoreau's book "Walden." Neither had quite any idea what I was talking about. Is it not as wildly popular as I thought? Is it not the first choice for beach-reading-material (BRM) of vacationing professionals, young people and newlyweds? I just need to know so I don't make a fool of myself in the future.

This is a really awesome video from an artist whose music I hopefully listen to more in the future. Also, I have no "idea" what it is. Also, in this video Bjork looks like a really attractive 50's housewife in Willy Wonka's crazy dark tunnel. You know the one.

This great state

Not exactly what I was looking for but brilliant nonetheless. Especially the guitar solo.

Also genius.

wolf at the door (old news I know)

G8 leaders have eight-course dinner before food crisis talks.

Really. Read for yourself.

September's coming soon

This month

Dear World,

It has certainly been a while and there has certainly been a lot going on personally and in Pomegranate-land, where gumdrops dance and children don't have to get up early in the morning except to go pick tea leafs.

Our tour in July was a blast. A lot of fun was had by all. Got to spend some time with the now fifth member of the band Nathan Edwin. Enjoyed our new touring vehicle. Enjoyed some suburban comfort in Virginia. I enjoyed my 3 dollar portable cassette player and we all had fun listening to the Steve Miller Band.

A quick tour story. We made a pit stop an hour or so outside of Chicago to get gas and food. Josh and I headed to Taco Bell while everyone else headed elsewhere. Immediately upon entering we encountered a group of about ten 17-18 year old white males that immediately started harassing us loudly across the dining room. At first I let it slide and just sort of politely nodded in their direction because they were pretty general insults but then it got very crass and moved into the conjectural "homophobic" vein of yelling. Josh and I sat and ate our food amidst their jokes and so forth but I kept thinking of when Jesus talked about "bless those who curse you" and "love your enemies". I didn't quite know what to do so as they were halfway to their cars in the parking lot I went to the door and yelled out:"hey, you all have a nice day, no hard feelings right?" And sort of smiled and waved. That set them all off and they started violently threatening me and walking back towards the building and two were behind me asking me if I wanted to start something, and if so, why I wasn't walking out into the parking lot. I said I was merely wishing them to have a nice day. I remember thinking, "well, this is what it feels like to get beat up." But fortunately no violence occurred that day. On our way back to the van I was utterly stunned and kept replaying the whole scene out in my mind. Never before in my life have I had total strangers literally want to fight me for no reason whatsoever. We headed back to the van and I said the prayer of St. Francis over the whole thing and prayed for them. I think I felt most sorry that I could walk away from the situation but for them it was their lives. Hate and fear and insecurity or whatever. Wherever they are I hope someone loves them.

My car was stolen in front of our house while we were on tour too. My parents had to go pick it up at a nice price of $160. The irony is that I've been wanting to sell that car and switch to a less oil dependent lifestyle for a long time. Today my friend David actually suggested finding the thief and giving the car to him. I think if I somehow raised enough money to get a moped, I would indeed give him my car. What does everyone think?

We got out mastered version of our second album Everybody, Come Outside in the mail from our friend TJ on 8-8-08. It was kind of neat. I woke up that morning wondering if it was going to be a meaningful day at all and that arrives in the mail. Then I attend a wonderfully informative grill out to support my new friends at Lemonade International (which is an entirely different post), and then later that evening had a very small screening of Sigur Ros' Heima at St. Elizabeth's cathedral. It was indeed worthy of such a numerically rare day.

We did a live Lounge Act session with a pals over at WOXY recently. You can download it and look at pictures and stuff. It's always a great time visiting their studio and talking about Star Trek.

John Coltrane has opened up the world of jazz to me everybody.

I should be posting more regularly now.

in peace

Lyrics to Everything is Alive

Some people have been asking:

"I don't see it getting better", from a leper's point of view.
It's exactly what we needed.
He said, "Don't tell anyone I made you clean."

"Look at that man, he is golden! Look at that man, here he comes!"

In the Kitchen
Forks and spoons and a couple of knives,
Gave it time to bake it right.
What I ate didn't change my life.
Pots and pans and a couple of knives,
Cooking in the kitchen for my bride.
Love in the oven, on the table wine.

We had silver together.

We were together under the stars.
I gave you my hand, you gave me your heart.
We ate together, lying on the grass.
"Forever is a long time."

The table has been set but we are missing one another.
I promise that when twilight calls I'll be home for dinner.

Late Night Television

I want to know where you've been at night.
I've been lying awake, I left on the lights.
I want to know where you've been at night!
Oh wife of mine, I've been crying by the TV's light.
I don't know where you've been but I know that you've not been alone.
I can smell him on you, my love, I know you've not been alone.

The Bellhop
I like to drive fast in my car; but I know I wont' get too far,
Before I see the setting sun and stop my car and start to run
Towards the curved edge of the earth that separates the sky from dirt.
In a meadow under stars I realize how small we really are.

Since I am born of modern man I find it hard to take a stand
For the laws of gravity that demonstrate you're just like me.
Everyone I've ever met is so in love with wet cement,
And hands and feet pressed into it of all the people they will never know.

Our skin will rot and decompose and we will become one of those
Where all the worms have made their homes,
But all our names will be in stone. "Oh no!"
Though I am afraid, I will be alone for a while.
and yes I am afraid that I will be alone for a while.

The trees only reach for the clouds because the earth's so near.
Mystery always seems to shroud this burning bush right here.
Some day soon you're gonna come back from me and hold me near.
Some day soon you're gonna come back and whisper in my ear, "There's nothing to fear!"

I take my shoes off.

See the rock that's out in space!
There's always some kind of crashing whisper.
See the lines drawn in your face.
You cut me like a diamond in lace!

Desert Hymn
I heard that Jesus is coming back.
He'll be a wonderful dancer.
He'll set us all on the righteous path, and give us all of the answers.
And when we are through with him, we'll string him up from a tree.
And maybe I'll spit on him for setting me free.
The longer I'm in this garden, the smarter I seem to get.
I know there's something about that tree I wasn't supposed to forget.
I just want to ruin everything for myself,
Because we're tired of paradise.
Yeah, We're itching for hell.
We've been in the desert for near forty years.
We're using our children's hands to dry off our tears.
Oh, and the promised land is getting closer I know!
Oh, but the wilderness looks every day more like home.

Thunder Island

You built your house out in the desert and I built mine on sinking sand.
All the people passing by with their outstretched hands to the sky,
to the dried up thirsty sky.
The ground has given up, I've never been so scared of dying.

I've been squandering my time out here laying with the swine.
Every single time a woman passes by and lays her lips upon my head,
I end up sleeping in her bed.

When my ship begins to sink, you'll be the violin that's singing me to sleep.
When my ship begins to sink you'll be walking on my sea.
When my day turns into night, you'll be still and small telling me everything's alright.

The Uncanny Terrance Treeclimber
The vultures fly low; they're looking to clean off my bones.
As a child, I remember my first words, "I don't want to die alone."
I've got two hands to climb this tree, but there's only room up here for me.
And though the sun is sinking low, from up here I can see my home!

Honey, Moon, Pie
Could I be the only one who is so afraid of bringing up a son?
I'm just happy where I am.
Took the hammer in my hands; I gave you a promise, I gave you the land.
You paint with the brush, you cut with the knife;
You can wait all you want, but you've waited all your life.
Sat on the shore but never were found.
You listened to my words, but was was the sound?
I want to go back home, I want to find me a wife,
I'm going to settle down and I'm going to build a life.
I'm going to settle down when I can stop being so afraid of everything.

Thunder Meadow
I heard a voice from the grave:
"Where you're going is where I'll be
Where you're going is where I've been."
Six strong men are gonna carry me!

I saw you run outside, I saw the fruit you ate,
I know you're still not dead no matter what they say.
Saying "The sun don't shine, it's just a burned out star."
A meadow waits for you, you know it's not that far.

How to Dive

On the road again as Mr. Willie Nelson says. We've had a good time so far. About to play show number three. We scored a bunch of free donuts from Krispy Kreme the other night through some secret sneaking late at night. We also saw The Dark Knight too. It was really good. I thought there was a lot of depth to the script and the story. It raises questions of morality, good and evil and the nature of societies. But there certainly are some really great action scenes too if you like those.

We also got a nice history lesson from our new friend Tee about Hickory, North Carolina, which as it turns out is the true home of bluegrass music and furniture and socks.

I got a small walkmen too before we left and it is nice. Much cheaper than an ipod too for all you folks wondering. Long live analog media.

stay in peace

last night

Train de Vie

Got to spend some time last night with new friend Timbre and her band.

Also spent some time with older friends Bad Veins.

The Prophets Guild

We have a great editorial cartoonist here at the Cincinnati Enquirer by the name of Jim Borgman

How true.

Allow me to also say that there is something that reading a newspaper offers that websites and blogs will never be able to. Hopefully they stick around.

All is sacred

So I listened to the first part of Berlioz's Requiem today. It is quite intense and I can only imagine what seeing it in a live setting is like. Apparently there were four cymbal players, four timpani and two additional horn sections placed around the room in the original instructions on the score. It is breathtaking. Certainly the Mogwai of classical music. I'm glad I wagered my 50 cents at Goodwill that based on the cover alone it would be a good record. This is the last photo ever taken of him:

Also, The Books consistently amaze me and fill me with wonder. But more than that they provoke me to see the world through the eyes of a child.

Three Colors Together

Happy 4th of July everybody. To celebrate I suggest you check out my good friends Psalters. Quite an interesting bunch and they have lots of information and ideas on their page. Also, Shane Claiborne and Chris Haw have written a book and are doing a multimedia tour for it. The book is called Jesus for President and they have some very interesting things to say, especially pertinent to what today is supposed to mean to Americans.

Also if you are not doing anything tonight my good friendsThe Read and The Seedy Seeds are playing a house show and there is also the Rock and Roll Carnival here in Northside. I'll be at both for a bit I think.

I like this a lot, it's from a book in the Bible called Ephesians:

He is so rich in kindness and grace that he purchased our freedom with the blood of his Son and forgave our sins. He has showered his kindness on us, along with all wisdom and understanding.

Live free and love.

A sea change

This is one of my favorite albums of all time.

I would be flustered.

If I met Brian Eno.

But I think the verdict is still out on Coldplay's new album, even though he produced it.

Any thoughts anyone? I really like "Strawberry Swing" a great deal.

Look out for the random shot of Jay-Z in there looking like he's about to impart some wisdom on some unsuspecting gangster about how the game is run and then start crying cause he owns the game and it's so poignant.


I'm thinking about starting a feature here on EO. If I do it might be called "Dis, Cuss, Dat". Or perhaps "You Better Start Talkin'" Either way I'm just going to show this picture and caption and let anyone who wants to guess what this feature is actually going to be about, to go right ahead and do so.

"Hopefully, myself in 30 years."

A very good band.

This is easily one of the best late night musical performances I've ever seen (on youtube).

A Hole or a Boat

So we are back from our wee little tour. We did some dates with our new best friends Javelins. They are super awesome. There was much album discussion, a Harry Nilsson sing along, some rocking, some turning down, a little dancing, some Daytrotting with a little Spaghett, pajama wearing and maybe some spooning. We have their new album and it is awesome. Simply put, awesome. It will own the world when it comes out. As in, it will purchase Bill Gates' soul it is that good. It's also called Heavy Meadows.

This little run was the first in which we took our new van. A white Ford 15-passenger something-or-other. It does not have a name yet. Suggestions?

I also had a little experiment this tour. I took one shirt (okay, two but one was backup) and little else. I have read interesting things about baking soda and boy, were they all true! I had a spray bottle that was filled with some baking soda and some water and used it as deodorant. I brushed my teeth with it and each night I would soak my shirt in some warm baking soda water and let it dry for the next day. I can now confidently say that baking soda is one of my favorite things in the world. For a complete list of all its other uses look here. I swear by it I think.

We also played at Main Street Cafe in Kansas City and met Denise, the woman who runs it. I would say she is one of the nicest and sweetest ladies I have ever met.

Also you can now download our Daytrotter session from their website and see the lovely painting they did of us.

This Friday the 27th I am DJing at Seabird's album release party. It is on a boat!

Dear McCauly

The road has been good to us once again. We ran into a swarm of bees in our van yesterday though. It sounded like rain and that was sad. We are coming back home with Javelins tonight and playing at the Gypsy Hut. Pete and Repeat will be there too.

This is a cool video that will put you in the mood for taxidermy or romance.

Javelins - "Out on the Sand" from Suburban Sprawl Music on Vimeo.

For who among us knows how we shall end up?

But in seeing Him we will be like Him.

and we know that we are children.

The National Hummus Party

I woke up this to NPR on my radio alarm clock and heard about an organization called Share Our Strength that has a program called Operation Frontline:

"...[a] groundbreaking nutrition-education program that connects families with food by teaching them how to prepare healthy, tasty meals on a limited budget."

Kashi, makers of delicious whole grain snacks of all kinds is partnering with them. The cheapest foods to buy are the ones that are the worst for your body so hearing that somebody is doing something about it makes me glad.

Speaking of, I made some delicious hummus yesterday. Making it yourself is indeed unbelievable more frugal and fun, so if anyone wants the recipe or wants to set up a hummus making party, just let me know.

Some additional reading about corn syrup:
Soda Pop!


Listen to the whole album!

That link takes you to a neat little E-Card for Everything is Alive if you wanna check it out.


This is the first time I have posted anything on here. I'm excited. I hope I say something awesome.

I just got home from a bike ride with Isaac. We found a new part of our neighborhood, which was exciting, but the chain broke on my bicycle, which was dumb. So I skitched a ride on Isaac's bike all the way back, (whenever I wasn't pushing my feet off the curb like some animal that may do a similar action.) Now I am tired, and have dirty hands, and we're getting ready to eat beans and rice and salad. Also we're having sangria.

Today I ate lunch with Curt Kiser, because he is work neighbors with me now. We are going to start car-pooling I hope.

We bought a new van. It's out in the driveway. I like to look at it out the window when I'm not doing other things. Sometimes I even go outside and get in it. Only for a second though, because it's so hot. But at least summer is finally here.

We leave in a few days for a short tour with Javelins. I've liked them a lot since high school.

I'll let this be all for tonight. Thank you! Have good dreams.


I'm too busy

Totally in love with this right now

always in love

and just because its funny

Like Painted Polaroids

A wonderful artist I found a while ago by the name of Erica Lambertson Philippe. I really like her work. It reminds me of Polaroids. Very dreamy, and I love dreamy. She has a photo blog too, that makes me want to listen to Slowdive and sleep.

I hope that Polaroids don't become extinct. That would be a shame.

The Seventh Seal

Hello friends.

A week ago, within the span of 48 hours I attended both a wedding and a funeral. What can I tell you about both?
People wear nice outfits.
People cry.
Families come together.
There is usually a nice meal.

It got me thinking about why people cry. What makes people shed tears. I had a long drive home from the funeral and no CD player in my car so I had time to think. I came to the conclusion that people cry when they reach the edges of life. When they touch the extreme circumstances that life has. When they experience the most beautiful things or the most terrible things they have ever experienced. Something inside them says: "this is the most wondrous place I have ever gone before and I wish to return to this place forever," or "i cannot believe that I am enduring what I am enduring right now." On the edges of experience. The middle area, where things are neither exciting nor terrible, is the comfortable place. The place where tears are rarely seen.
I believe that I would like to be a person that cries more often. As it stands I do not cry very much. I think I am working my way there. Because I think ultimately the ability to endure, and live through, pain is a testament the the beauty and everlasting nature of life. I want to experience it all. I want to breathe in deep the sweetness of honeysuckle blossoms and cry at how delightful they smell, and weep when thousands of people die of a natural disaster over seas and gas prices are what worry me more.

The funeral I attended was for my great grandfather. He was ninety one years old. He was with my grandmother and they were discussing bread pudding recipes. He sat back and said:"...the Lord has been so good to me, and blessed me so much in my long life." Then he promptly went to the kitchen and grabbed a bag of trash to take downstairs and then outside. A moment later he had fallen down the stairs and died.

There is a story in the Bible about a man named Elijah. He did many wonderful things and a lot of things that made certain people mad. He was also very close with God. One day he is with his pupil walking along a river and a chariot of fire comes down from the sky and carries him upward to heaven, leaving behind only a mantle. I think that bag of trash was my grandfather's chariot.

I want to truly live while I am alive, so I can stand at the stairwell at the end of my life and be thankful that God allowed me to experience.

I think that if I ever get married, I would like The Flaming Lips song "Do You Realize?" to be played at some point. Also, when I die (because I surely will) I would like that same song to play at my funeral.

Rich Mullins sang a song that had a chorus that went like this:

But when I leave I want to go out like Elijah
With a whirlwind to fuel my chariot of fire
And when I look back on the stars
Well, It'll be like a candlelight in Central Park
And it won't break my heart to say goodbye.

I'm working on being more able to cry.


We are one step closer to a new album.
This past Saturday we recorded a couple more songs to fill out our second album at Inner Ear Studios with our new friends TJ and Ivan. They sound fantastic. I was able to use some of those neat vintage Ludwig drums made of clear plastic. Butter.
Now all we have to do is record some vocal tracks at our home, and TJ will be mixing and mastering the whole thang. You may know TJ from his work as a member of Aloha. He is also responsible for their recordings, so I think this record is going to turn out preeeetty delicious.
The record I am referring to is entitled 'Everybody Come Outside'.

My time has come.

This is Jacob. I will start posting more frequently from this point on I imagine. The main reason I haven't been is because I thought I forgot my password. Apparently if you have gmail, it automatically logs you in. HAHAHAHHA! Those clever website owners, and their abilities to make things more convenient for people with bad reasons for not doing things.

Who is coming to our show May 17th with Joe Lally. Did somebody just say FUGAZI?!??

Backety Back.

We're back from our spring tour thing. It was great. Met a lot of friends and saw some old ones.

Personal hightlights include:

-Getting a flat tire in the Bronx at 7am after driving all night
-Driving all night and attempting to listen to Boredoms (Too many energy drinks)
-Seeing the ocean for the first time at night
-Watching Matilda on TV in a hotel room
-North Carolina in the spring-time (Lots of wisteria)
-Driving through northern Missouri and Iowa (and actually listening to Boredoms)
-Jakuta and Carl
-Finding a double-disc LP of Bobby Vinton's Greatest Hits for $1
-Alphabetizing the records at the Daytrotter studio.
-Seeing Chris Garneau and French Kicks play above the 40' latitude

I will upload the pictures once I get around to it you know.


you said it

Can you feel the wind of venus on your skin?
Can you taste the crush of a sunset's dying blush?
Stars will always hand in summer's bleeding veils

Can you feel the rings of saturn on your finger?

Can you taste the ghosts who shed their creaking hosts?
But seas forever boil, trees will turn to soil

Stars will always hand in summer's bleeding veils
But seas forever boil, trees will turn to soil

The Beautiful Isles

Before you die

see them.

The Adventurers

Beautiful things here.

Several questions float in my mind.

Who is Christ?
Will I ever meet Lindsay Lohan?
Will the smoothie I make later with my over ripened bananas taste good?

Today Tomorrow

"There is no such thing as an empty space or an empty time. There is always something to see, something to hear. In fact, try as we may to make a silence, we cannot."
John Cage

Also, tomorrow we are playing with a wonderful band called The Read at the big house that is known as The Southgate House. It starts at 9:30 and is free.

In it's way

islands were beautiful tonight
gotta get some sleep

Spirals and Spirals


Here in Cincinnati for the past two days everyone has basically been snowed in. I believe it is officially a "blizzard" now too. A few of us had a nice snow day today with a couple of movies. We started off with Eraserhead. I must say that I enjoyed it much more the second time. After that we started West Side Story, one of my favorites. We didn't finish because we got a little distracted. But, I'll fess up and say that Maria makes my heart melt a little, which was nice on such a cold day.

Also, thought this was interesting.

Lastly, if you are not busy this Monday night we are playing with this wonderful band Islands at the also wonderful Southgate House. I don't think Monday Night Football is on yet, so it would be nice to see some familiar (or unfamiliar) faces there.

Mush Mush Mario

There is a cool band from Brooklyn called The Depreciation Guild. You can download their album for free at their website. If you like shoegaze and nintendo sounds this band will turn your brain into gravy sauce. Which I happen to like both of those things but that didn't really happen to me so I don't think anyone has anything to worry about in all honesty. Good times though.

Also, if you are in Cincinnati this Wed. night we are playing at the historic Southgate House with Look Mexico. It is free. It will be fun tooooo.

Ladies and Gentlemen

Found an excellent acoustic type live show of Spiritualized over at this place called Bradley's Almanac.

It's beautiful.

Nights in White Satin

Karaoke tonight at The Gypsy Hut if you are in Cincinnati.

The Supreme Being

Pre-orders shipped today. Some people are even reporting getting their copies today. Others ever reported receiving CANDY! You can still order it if you would like though and get it fairly soon.

Other news.

I went to the neighborhood library for the first time in a very long time. God bless them. I payed my outstanding fee and browsed around. It was a branch that I had not been to and it was very small. But I found a nice Sonny Rollins record. The foreign film section was quite extensive though and I got a few whose names I can't quite type out. I also picked up Time Bandits. Of the few films I saw growing up this was one of them. Little people, God, Devil, time travel, little boy protagonist. Everything you could ever want in a Terry Gilliam epic. Apparently the whole thing is on YouTube right now in 12 parts. If you are into that sort of lo bit thing.

The Lift.

I have not mentioned it yet on this blog, but our first album "Everything is Alive" is currently available for pre-order here. All orders will be shipped by February 21st which is way ahead of the street date. So Happy Christmas everybody!

We recorded the album last August after our first tour at Sound of Music's temporary space in Richmond, Virginia. I figured I would share them seeing as how the album is just now hatching out of its egg, and I don't have any photos from our current recording work. Also because we are in the planning stages for a tour later this spring.

Everything is Alive

the cover.

pictures of the recording sessions for this album soon.


Upon realizing that Isaac has been the only contributor to this blog thus far, I figured I'll give it a whirl...

Recording has been very fun so far. We are just about putting the final touches on the tracking and beginning to mix it. So far so good. I think this album will be enjoyable for at least me. That's all that matters, right?

Tonight Isaac and I listened to records (a la The Boredoms, The Moody Blues, Nick Drake, and The Appleseed Cast), whilst searching for famous people who live in New York's myspaces in order to invite them to our show at the canal room in New York City with Chris Garneau on April 2. So if you live in New York and reading this, I'd like to invite YOU as well. (Even if you're not famous.)


My new hero.

Hermeto Pascoal

A friend showed me this video at work today and my mind was blown.

Magical Mystery Tour

So Super Tuesday and my birthday fell on the same day this year. Which is odd because the other day I was listening to NPR (which I love) and felt a sense of fear and hope all wrapped into one about the upcoming election. I'm not going to make the third post on this blog a polarizing political statement so on to something else>

The new Raveonettes album is really good. Well I should say: "the songs I have heard off of the new Raveonettes album are impeccable." I am probably going to go buy it when I have expendable income.

Odd video. I guess The Ravonettes are very concerned about you swimming in the ocean after curfew.

In recording land, Jacob, Joey and Josh were all at the studio tonight as I worked. I believe they were working out some vocal stuff. I recorded my vocals the other day. I was a bit worried because in the past recording vocals for me has been an extremely stressful and draining experience. This time though it was thoroughly enjoyable and peaceful. Almost cathartic. Steven Howell is very good at what he does, which if you are unaware of what that is: it is recording. I guess now would also be a good time to mention that our first album "Everything is Alive" is available for pre-order from our label Lujo. We are very excited for everyone to finally hear it.

Josh was over today and we discussed the "Paul is Dead" theory. We looked at all our Beatles LPs at all the alleged clues. Some of which are more convincing than others for sure.
Here &

That's all for now.


Day number 3.

Yesterday I got through all my guitar parts. I had many many halls, churches, gymnasiums and indoor swimming pools to toy with as I searched out the guitar tones I heard in my head into the wee hours of the night. Like a small child in the candy store.

Josh and Joey were both pros at laying down their parts. We've had fun experimenting with different guitar tones and filling Steven's house with loud noises.

We also finished our bass parts yesterday too. Today we have been finishing the other guitar parts and doing some acoustic overdubs in Steven's spacious bathroom. Sounding good and summer afternoony.

We also ventured to the Bellevue Kroger today to get some goodies to fill our tummies. There were a good number of interesting people there. We also saw that the gas station across the street had a 30 pack of PBR for $12. That's cheap beer, folks. Welcome to Kentucky.

Our friends Chris and Andy came over last night and we had Pompillos. It is a nice little Italian place a block away that had a scene from Rain Man filmed there. Chris is also one of the people that Jake and Joey and I live with. He's swell.

We watched Labyrinth last night. David Bowie is someone that I would certainly like to meet. I think any of the Muppet characters are on that list as well. So is James K. Polk, Mr. Rogers, Aslan (the lion), Kevin Spacey, Bruce Springsteen and Lindsay Lohan.*

Hopefully soon I will have some actual studio goodies to share with you but for now another video in honor of the this sunday.

*not complete list


The wheels on the train of album-making are rolling again and we are on board heading west! Far west!

So we thought it would be as good a time as ever to start keeping a journal of our adventures. We might even keep updating into the future. To infinity and beyond.

We are currently in the middle of our second day of recording. Yesterday afternoon we arrived and started drums. Then finished drums after a long night of errand running and birthday cake ice cream. Today we are working on the bass.

I like the little town of Newport, Kentucky that we are recording in. Yesterday we went for a snack run to Prince Carryout, but found that it had yet to open. So we journeyed a few more blocks (which seemed like much more of an epic journey in the cold wind) and found Ben's Carryout which had lots of things like trans fats and some apple juice.