Ladies and Gentlemen

Found an excellent acoustic type live show of Spiritualized over at this place called Bradley's Almanac.

It's beautiful.

Nights in White Satin

Karaoke tonight at The Gypsy Hut if you are in Cincinnati.

The Supreme Being

Pre-orders shipped today. Some people are even reporting getting their copies today. Others ever reported receiving CANDY! You can still order it if you would like though and get it fairly soon.

Other news.

I went to the neighborhood library for the first time in a very long time. God bless them. I payed my outstanding fee and browsed around. It was a branch that I had not been to and it was very small. But I found a nice Sonny Rollins record. The foreign film section was quite extensive though and I got a few whose names I can't quite type out. I also picked up Time Bandits. Of the few films I saw growing up this was one of them. Little people, God, Devil, time travel, little boy protagonist. Everything you could ever want in a Terry Gilliam epic. Apparently the whole thing is on YouTube right now in 12 parts. If you are into that sort of lo bit thing.

The Lift.

I have not mentioned it yet on this blog, but our first album "Everything is Alive" is currently available for pre-order here. All orders will be shipped by February 21st which is way ahead of the street date. So Happy Christmas everybody!

We recorded the album last August after our first tour at Sound of Music's temporary space in Richmond, Virginia. I figured I would share them seeing as how the album is just now hatching out of its egg, and I don't have any photos from our current recording work. Also because we are in the planning stages for a tour later this spring.

Everything is Alive

the cover.

pictures of the recording sessions for this album soon.


Upon realizing that Isaac has been the only contributor to this blog thus far, I figured I'll give it a whirl...

Recording has been very fun so far. We are just about putting the final touches on the tracking and beginning to mix it. So far so good. I think this album will be enjoyable for at least me. That's all that matters, right?

Tonight Isaac and I listened to records (a la The Boredoms, The Moody Blues, Nick Drake, and The Appleseed Cast), whilst searching for famous people who live in New York's myspaces in order to invite them to our show at the canal room in New York City with Chris Garneau on April 2. So if you live in New York and reading this, I'd like to invite YOU as well. (Even if you're not famous.)


My new hero.

Hermeto Pascoal

A friend showed me this video at work today and my mind was blown.

Magical Mystery Tour

So Super Tuesday and my birthday fell on the same day this year. Which is odd because the other day I was listening to NPR (which I love) and felt a sense of fear and hope all wrapped into one about the upcoming election. I'm not going to make the third post on this blog a polarizing political statement so on to something else>

The new Raveonettes album is really good. Well I should say: "the songs I have heard off of the new Raveonettes album are impeccable." I am probably going to go buy it when I have expendable income.

Odd video. I guess The Ravonettes are very concerned about you swimming in the ocean after curfew.

In recording land, Jacob, Joey and Josh were all at the studio tonight as I worked. I believe they were working out some vocal stuff. I recorded my vocals the other day. I was a bit worried because in the past recording vocals for me has been an extremely stressful and draining experience. This time though it was thoroughly enjoyable and peaceful. Almost cathartic. Steven Howell is very good at what he does, which if you are unaware of what that is: it is recording. I guess now would also be a good time to mention that our first album "Everything is Alive" is available for pre-order from our label Lujo. We are very excited for everyone to finally hear it.

Josh was over today and we discussed the "Paul is Dead" theory. We looked at all our Beatles LPs at all the alleged clues. Some of which are more convincing than others for sure.
Here &

That's all for now.


Day number 3.

Yesterday I got through all my guitar parts. I had many many halls, churches, gymnasiums and indoor swimming pools to toy with as I searched out the guitar tones I heard in my head into the wee hours of the night. Like a small child in the candy store.

Josh and Joey were both pros at laying down their parts. We've had fun experimenting with different guitar tones and filling Steven's house with loud noises.

We also finished our bass parts yesterday too. Today we have been finishing the other guitar parts and doing some acoustic overdubs in Steven's spacious bathroom. Sounding good and summer afternoony.

We also ventured to the Bellevue Kroger today to get some goodies to fill our tummies. There were a good number of interesting people there. We also saw that the gas station across the street had a 30 pack of PBR for $12. That's cheap beer, folks. Welcome to Kentucky.

Our friends Chris and Andy came over last night and we had Pompillos. It is a nice little Italian place a block away that had a scene from Rain Man filmed there. Chris is also one of the people that Jake and Joey and I live with. He's swell.

We watched Labyrinth last night. David Bowie is someone that I would certainly like to meet. I think any of the Muppet characters are on that list as well. So is James K. Polk, Mr. Rogers, Aslan (the lion), Kevin Spacey, Bruce Springsteen and Lindsay Lohan.*

Hopefully soon I will have some actual studio goodies to share with you but for now another video in honor of the this sunday.

*not complete list


The wheels on the train of album-making are rolling again and we are on board heading west! Far west!

So we thought it would be as good a time as ever to start keeping a journal of our adventures. We might even keep updating into the future. To infinity and beyond.

We are currently in the middle of our second day of recording. Yesterday afternoon we arrived and started drums. Then finished drums after a long night of errand running and birthday cake ice cream. Today we are working on the bass.

I like the little town of Newport, Kentucky that we are recording in. Yesterday we went for a snack run to Prince Carryout, but found that it had yet to open. So we journeyed a few more blocks (which seemed like much more of an epic journey in the cold wind) and found Ben's Carryout which had lots of things like trans fats and some apple juice.