Stroll through the Cradle

Sorry there has been a real lack of posting on this site as of late. We returned from our tour with Colour Revolt and my opinion of them is even higher than it was before. A great bunch of guys with a great new album. They're really loud. We're all jealous of the southern accent now and I'm trying to hone in the "Uhia" accent as best as possible.

I'll try to be updating this as much as possible while we're on the road with pictures and stuff like that. We have some fun new amps/pedals that we're excited to be playing with and some new songs too. We'll have our record with us. I found a write up today from that says "...the album [is] nowhere close to being cohesive" and is "..riddled with shortcomings." That's kind of funny to me. I don't really have an opinion other than I like our record and hope you do too and this reviewer certainly has a right to have an opinion. It's funny to have things written about you. I'd like to meet people that give us reviews and see what their like, buy them a coffee or something. This might sound like I'm mad-I'm not. I just find it fascinating.

Here's another topic I'll volunteer my opinion on. The Social Network. We had a day off on our last tour and we went and saw Inception and we saw a trailer for it. Maybe it's just me but I feel immortalizing something in a film less than a decade after it's creation seems to be taking things a bit fast. This might just be my feelings about Facebook bleeding over into my feelings about a film about Facebook, which is more than likely the case. I guess isolation and rejection are two of the themes presented in the film that the protagonist deals with, so maybe it's worth seeing. I'm curious to hear the score that Trent Reznor worked on though. In my opinion technology is fine as long as we never forget how to turn it off. Terminator franchise anyone?