Weird Dream Demo

I found this on my computer, from forever ago. It's from before I'd finished "I Will Come Back As A Volcano," so it is pretty old.


Happy Christmas and a happy new year everyone. For the past several years I've made a mix CD for friends and packaged them and handed them out. This year I'm gettin all techie and I uploaded it digitally so I can share it with the world. Enjoy!

(Letter found inside packaging)


These are some of my favorite songs from this past year; most of them are love songs. I hope you enjoy them and are able to step into the embodiment of love that this season represents, and are able to walk in that love the rest of the year and the rest of your life.

“Love has conceived a house
and out of its labor
brought forth its likeness
-the emblem of desire, continuing
though the flesh falls away.”

-Wendell Berry, from “The Design of a House”

Isaac Karns

01. Borderline-The Flaming Lips With Stardeath And White Dwarfs
02. Wait For Me-Roger Damawuzan
03. Hounds of Love-Kate Bush
04. Secrets-Headlights
05. I Love You Always Forever-Donna Lewis
06. Morning Shadows-Cass McCombs
07. Tunnelvision-Here We Go Magic
08. Oh My Angel-Bertha Tillman
09. Dents-The Acorn
10. Strange Lights-Deerhunter
11. Star Eyes (I Can Catch It) (feat. David Lynch)-Sparklehorse& Danger Mouse
12. Smoke Gets in Your Eyes (Single Version)-The Platters
13. New Theory-Washed Out
14. Dreams Come True-Nathaniel Mayer
15. All for the Best-Thom Yorke
16. Blue Clouds (Excerpt)-Daniel Johnston
17. Only Love Can Break Your Heart (N. Young)-Atlas Sound
18. In Mind-Do Make Say Think

Love Forever:Christmas 09


Love each other and spend time with your family.

Fall Tour Part I.

The infamous Goucher auditorium.
Beautiful church in Philly. Saw a man smoking a cigar on his porch listening to Cuban music around here.
Headlights, Shaky Hands, Poms gang at the bar in North Carolina. Where we met the character "Dave"
Amateur and Pro.
The Bottletree in Birmingham. We love you.
Bottletree cont.
Booking agent zombie and Bjork.
Gas stations were sparse in Wyoming so we celebrated with a sacred Gas Dance.
It was also very windy.
Our view in the morning in Salt Lake City. Josh and I went on an epic hike the night before that I am remembering in this picture.
Joey did not go on the hike with us so he is clearly furious and thinking about good pizza.
Idaho is one of my favorite places.

We had a wonderful time and are enjoying our time back home too. More pictures soon.

Just because I'm going to upload tour photos later