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Just thought this was too incredible not to share. An article in the New York Times, heading: In Madrid, Banking on the Art Scene.

Basically an article about how because of a loophole in the law in Spain, banks take their profit and put it to use for the public good and how many banks in Madrid have free art galleries, museums, courses, films and music. For Free.

Theoretical limits of all things that are good

Empire Of The Sun - Walking On A Dream -

boots and legs

I recently discovered Mixtapetorrent.com as I was searching for a specific Wale mixtape. It has become a new obsession of mine. The artwork for these releases alone astounds me in their creativity, vulgarity and quality. My favorite is "Carebears & Uncle Murda" below:

I definitely respect all these artist that are out there doing it solely for the craft. No rules, no money, no executive opinions-just funny artwork, thousands of un-cleared samples and words. If anyone finds other noteworthy tapes I'd love to see them.

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