Spring Tour 2009 Pt. 1

So close

We officially have only two shows left and then we are home. I am excited to see friends and family and the public library and my bicycle. I'm excited to see Shake It and Melt and go kite flying and listen to records and work on rehabbing my house. Out time has been amazing so far and it has been really interesting to actually see cities that I had only conceptualized in my mind until this point. We've made many wonderful friends along the way too. Some videos until I have pictures to put here.

I am kind of obsessed with this album right now.

Two into

Ambulance Blues

Saw the venue where Purple Rain was filmed. Had the best pizza of my life. Drove the entire width of the state of Wyoming. Had Stumptown espresso. Saw Powell's in Portland and purchased some fine books. Saw herds of antelope. Watched a tumbleweed blow across the road in front of us. Saw the Great Salt Lake and listened to The Clash with a Mormon. Met the cutest dog and his name was Paul. Ate fruit from a roadside market in California.