So close

We officially have only two shows left and then we are home. I am excited to see friends and family and the public library and my bicycle. I'm excited to see Shake It and Melt and go kite flying and listen to records and work on rehabbing my house. Out time has been amazing so far and it has been really interesting to actually see cities that I had only conceptualized in my mind until this point. We've made many wonderful friends along the way too. Some videos until I have pictures to put here.

I am kind of obsessed with this album right now.


iloveagoodriot said...

I've only ate at Melt once before with Joey, hah. It was a fun place!

I'm glad you guys have had a good tour so far. I can't wait to see a future show!

See ya soon!

achilles3 said...

Congrats fellas!
NPR song of the day!!!!!!!!

Keep on kicking ass and creating:-)


achilles3 said...

Just wanted to link you to my blog just to show you I'm trying to get the word out. Not that my lil blog's much compared to KEXP, NPR, etc.
Peace and tart fruit.

hyperglobalbuzz said...


You should get a .mp3 url from ... they distribute your music content for Free ...