We'll Meet Again


I will not be updating this page for a while. I might return to it at some point, but will be updating the Pomegranates Tumblr page from now on. There is a link below. I leave you with this:


Thank You Latchaws

A couple of years ago Matt and Robert Latchaw drove from their home in Oskaloosa, Iowa to ours, in Cincinnati, OH and came to a Christmas show that Pomegranates was playing. I greeted them and made generic conversation, not realizing who they were. I thought, "that looks like the Latchaws, but there's no way, they live eight hours from here." Once they confronted me I felt the weight of embarrassment and stupidity and promised them a song to make up for it. Years later, here it is, finally. Sorry it took so long guys.

Also, Sophia Cunningham did vocals for an alternate version of this song which I will post soon. I stole her idea for the vocals at the end. Sorry/thanks Sophia.

Dirty Laundry

dead dead dead. awake when i should be sleeping. on a rush from the nights activities.