Dirty Laundry


achilles3 said...

I Want You is AWESOME!
Motorcycle Drive By is wicked too!

Keep on keepin' on gentlemen:-)

Miska said...

I think it's really refreshing that you guys aren't into the drug scene and all that nonsense. I've never been into that either so it's something that makes me relate more to yous guys.

I always kinda thought it seemed you were making Christian references in your music, it's awesome to know a little more clearly what was going on.

Your music is inspiring and catchy, keep it up!

(Please come back to Florida on tour!)

P.Jr said...

Write more songs about Jesus ...

There is nothing better than to sing and dance for Christ.

Stay in peace.

DMR said...

the still image looks like joey looking at himself dressed up as a girl. hahaha