What are we doing

Sorry for no updates in a long while. We have been busy doing that thing that you do when not on tour called "life"...electric word life.

I have enjoyed riding bicycles with good friends and having pot lucks and trying to work on my house and we've all been working and saving money to do the things that you need money to do. We have a string of shows in the Midwest coming up this week and I spent the night at Josh's last night after practice. We've been writing a lot and are steadily working our way towards our next album. Some songs we've been popping into our sets like single kernels of carmel popcorn that find their way into the cheese portion of those big tins that you get at Christmas. But this week we will be testing out some jams even newer than that and we're not sure what flavor they are yet. Josh and I had dinner yesterday too and had a wonderful idea for a new sports broadcasting station called Lucas Sports instead of Lucas Arts and all the broadcasters and players would all go by "Mark Hammill" and the only person that would go by their "real" name would be our old friend John Madden. So a million Mark Hammills and still only one John Madden. While at Josh's that night I was watching one of the many public broadcast stations that DTV affords most modern homes and found some sort of live performance of a group called the Carolina Chocolate Drops. They were incredible on so many levels. Here is a video of them:

We also had the great pleasure of sharing the stage last week with The Walkmen and Cass McCombs and they were both fantastic. I was familiar with Walkmen but had never heard Cass and his band but they are my new favorite and their drummer Andy was very nice and plays in another awesome band called Lights that are very awesome. We've also been working on a music video accompaniment to one of our songs but until then here is a beautiful one from Mr. McCombs.

peace to you all wherever

Beautiful Woman

Mixed Media,2009

New hero

Solve Sundsbo

"let birds fly above the earth across the expanse of the sky"

One more off my list

I just purchased two tickets to see M83 at the Wexner Center in Columbus on July 18th. After that I will officially be able to cross one more off my list. Needless to say I am very, very excited.

The only others that I can think of at the moment would be Boredoms, MBV, Flaming Lips and I think Radiohead is probably on there too.

This weekend we also get the supreme pleasure of playing not one, but two, outdoor shows in a row at Fountain Square on Friday night and at the Bubblegum Masquerade Saturday night. I am very very excited to share the evening with many of our friends that make music because it has been a long time.