One more off my list

I just purchased two tickets to see M83 at the Wexner Center in Columbus on July 18th. After that I will officially be able to cross one more off my list. Needless to say I am very, very excited.

The only others that I can think of at the moment would be Boredoms, MBV, Flaming Lips and I think Radiohead is probably on there too.

This weekend we also get the supreme pleasure of playing not one, but two, outdoor shows in a row at Fountain Square on Friday night and at the Bubblegum Masquerade Saturday night. I am very very excited to share the evening with many of our friends that make music because it has been a long time.


Morti said...

ah, lucky you!

iloveagoodriot said...

I love M83. I wanted to go to the Fountain Square show but I work. :(

kevin said...

Nice! M83 is fantastic live. I caught them in San Fran back in November. So good.

Wish we could catch you at Fountain Square but we're heading down to Forecastle for the whole weekend.

the planes, landed said...

I am usually a master of the finer points of irony but the running gag of Saturday=youth was lost on me and I didn't connect with it on any level. The video from pitchfork was quite good however and I hope you enjoy the monkey cheese out of their live performance.

Have fun with the Tyler Davidson at fountain square.

Henry said...

I love Boredoms!