Day number 3.

Yesterday I got through all my guitar parts. I had many many halls, churches, gymnasiums and indoor swimming pools to toy with as I searched out the guitar tones I heard in my head into the wee hours of the night. Like a small child in the candy store.

Josh and Joey were both pros at laying down their parts. We've had fun experimenting with different guitar tones and filling Steven's house with loud noises.

We also finished our bass parts yesterday too. Today we have been finishing the other guitar parts and doing some acoustic overdubs in Steven's spacious bathroom. Sounding good and summer afternoony.

We also ventured to the Bellevue Kroger today to get some goodies to fill our tummies. There were a good number of interesting people there. We also saw that the gas station across the street had a 30 pack of PBR for $12. That's cheap beer, folks. Welcome to Kentucky.

Our friends Chris and Andy came over last night and we had Pompillos. It is a nice little Italian place a block away that had a scene from Rain Man filmed there. Chris is also one of the people that Jake and Joey and I live with. He's swell.

We watched Labyrinth last night. David Bowie is someone that I would certainly like to meet. I think any of the Muppet characters are on that list as well. So is James K. Polk, Mr. Rogers, Aslan (the lion), Kevin Spacey, Bruce Springsteen and Lindsay Lohan.*

Hopefully soon I will have some actual studio goodies to share with you but for now another video in honor of the this sunday.

*not complete list


Stacey Whitaker said...

This is a neat idea!
Now people can click and have a detailed report on how/what the Poms are doing!

I preordered the full length today...I think...