Magical Mystery Tour

So Super Tuesday and my birthday fell on the same day this year. Which is odd because the other day I was listening to NPR (which I love) and felt a sense of fear and hope all wrapped into one about the upcoming election. I'm not going to make the third post on this blog a polarizing political statement so on to something else>

The new Raveonettes album is really good. Well I should say: "the songs I have heard off of the new Raveonettes album are impeccable." I am probably going to go buy it when I have expendable income.

Odd video. I guess The Ravonettes are very concerned about you swimming in the ocean after curfew.

In recording land, Jacob, Joey and Josh were all at the studio tonight as I worked. I believe they were working out some vocal stuff. I recorded my vocals the other day. I was a bit worried because in the past recording vocals for me has been an extremely stressful and draining experience. This time though it was thoroughly enjoyable and peaceful. Almost cathartic. Steven Howell is very good at what he does, which if you are unaware of what that is: it is recording. I guess now would also be a good time to mention that our first album "Everything is Alive" is available for pre-order from our label Lujo. We are very excited for everyone to finally hear it.

Josh was over today and we discussed the "Paul is Dead" theory. We looked at all our Beatles LPs at all the alleged clues. Some of which are more convincing than others for sure.
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Adam Stump said...

When I go to heaven I've got a lot of questions to ask. Is bigfoot real? Who shot Kennedy? And of course is Paul McCartney really Paul McCartney?