The Supreme Being

Pre-orders shipped today. Some people are even reporting getting their copies today. Others ever reported receiving CANDY! You can still order it if you would like though and get it fairly soon.

Other news.

I went to the neighborhood library for the first time in a very long time. God bless them. I payed my outstanding fee and browsed around. It was a branch that I had not been to and it was very small. But I found a nice Sonny Rollins record. The foreign film section was quite extensive though and I got a few whose names I can't quite type out. I also picked up Time Bandits. Of the few films I saw growing up this was one of them. Little people, God, Devil, time travel, little boy protagonist. Everything you could ever want in a Terry Gilliam epic. Apparently the whole thing is on YouTube right now in 12 parts. If you are into that sort of lo bit thing.


Johnny said...

i've been listening to everything is alive a lot, and i am pleased. i'm also pleased to discover this blog.


p.s. you can get rid of that ugly bar at the top really easily.