I left a can of pineapples outside of your box last night

Our time in New York was a good one. Met up with the excellent boys in Look Mexico as well as Kaz from PWRFL Power. We also made some new friends all the way from New Zealand called Bang Bang Eche. I didn't ask them, but I wonder if it is okay to call them "kiwis?" Either way it was their first time in the states and they were great. Lots of energy and a gritty sound, we asked them to join us on stage for our last song, "Southern Ocean", an offer they graciously accepted. We stayed with our friend Saul in south Brooklyn at his sweet pad. He is a super nice guy that makes great music too and we watched him make some corn-flapjacks. The drive home was long as we got stuck in traffic, but we had some nice tunes to keep us company: The Secret Machines' new one, Led Zepellin-III, Yo La Tengo-I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One, M83-Saturdays=Youth and Neil Young's After the Gold Rush along with some good conversation.

Here's a vid of Bang Bang Eche:

And a band I know is from New York. We actually listened to Sound of Silver on our way into New York and right as the skyline appeared "New York I Love You, But You're Bringing Me Down" came on. It was, in a word: perfect.

And Koz: