So I have moved into a new house that has no internet. It has been nice though because I have rediscovered the joys of the Public Library. I've been having to get my internet time in at the library each day so that is why my posts have become a little less frequent. The joys of grabbing the key to the bathroom and all the random children trying to be as quiet as they can, the wonderful staff and the endless shelves of books are just a few of the things I've missed about the place.

I had the chance of seeing our good friend Matthew Shelton play the other night and it was fantastic. He played with another gruop called Fanatics and Traitors . They were great as well and Peter Adams even joined them on stage for a few songs. Unrotunately I had to miss Chris Haubner and Solid Pack because I had to work in the morning but they were both in good spirits. Matthew is also a great artist and he just sent me a link to a wonderful video of how he does what he does. Respect.

This very day I finished reading both the bible and a book called Jesus Wants to Save Christians. They were both very good. I am also reading A Prayer for Owen Meany which I'm enjoying very much.

For the time being I will not be updating as much. But that doesn't mean that I don't love you.


dearjeremiah said...

Way to go on all the reading! I haven't read Rob Bell's new book yet, but have you heard about the alernate reality game connected to it? Maybe the timing isn't good with lack of internet, but if you want in go here and break the code:


malweyman said...

i loooooooved Jesus Wants to Save Christians!