Hum Home Honey

Had an interesting conversation with a friend tonight about "Nudists" or "Naturism" and how it relates to spirituality. The reasoning and how people get involved in something like that fascinates me. That got me wondering if there are any Christian Naturists out there and it turns out there are. What they have to say about the body and how it relates to the spirit is very interesting. I found a really great website called Our Sun Home. It's a site/resort started by a couple in California. There's a really good essay written by the husband Jeff who actually has a degree from Fuller Seminary.

We are also playing Midpoint Music Festival this weekend too with a bunch of really great bands from our label, Lujo Records. Should be a good time.

Something to tide you over till then.


Jocelyn Aucoin said...

yessssss. such a good video/song. wish i could be at midpoint!! xoxo

AutumnLuis said...

saw you guys at Taylor make beautiful music. brought me a piece of contentment in my chaotic life - thanks.