Lyrics to Everything is Alive

Some people have been asking:

"I don't see it getting better", from a leper's point of view.
It's exactly what we needed.
He said, "Don't tell anyone I made you clean."

"Look at that man, he is golden! Look at that man, here he comes!"

In the Kitchen
Forks and spoons and a couple of knives,
Gave it time to bake it right.
What I ate didn't change my life.
Pots and pans and a couple of knives,
Cooking in the kitchen for my bride.
Love in the oven, on the table wine.

We had silver together.

We were together under the stars.
I gave you my hand, you gave me your heart.
We ate together, lying on the grass.
"Forever is a long time."

The table has been set but we are missing one another.
I promise that when twilight calls I'll be home for dinner.

Late Night Television

I want to know where you've been at night.
I've been lying awake, I left on the lights.
I want to know where you've been at night!
Oh wife of mine, I've been crying by the TV's light.
I don't know where you've been but I know that you've not been alone.
I can smell him on you, my love, I know you've not been alone.

The Bellhop
I like to drive fast in my car; but I know I wont' get too far,
Before I see the setting sun and stop my car and start to run
Towards the curved edge of the earth that separates the sky from dirt.
In a meadow under stars I realize how small we really are.

Since I am born of modern man I find it hard to take a stand
For the laws of gravity that demonstrate you're just like me.
Everyone I've ever met is so in love with wet cement,
And hands and feet pressed into it of all the people they will never know.

Our skin will rot and decompose and we will become one of those
Where all the worms have made their homes,
But all our names will be in stone. "Oh no!"
Though I am afraid, I will be alone for a while.
and yes I am afraid that I will be alone for a while.

The trees only reach for the clouds because the earth's so near.
Mystery always seems to shroud this burning bush right here.
Some day soon you're gonna come back from me and hold me near.
Some day soon you're gonna come back and whisper in my ear, "There's nothing to fear!"

I take my shoes off.

See the rock that's out in space!
There's always some kind of crashing whisper.
See the lines drawn in your face.
You cut me like a diamond in lace!

Desert Hymn
I heard that Jesus is coming back.
He'll be a wonderful dancer.
He'll set us all on the righteous path, and give us all of the answers.
And when we are through with him, we'll string him up from a tree.
And maybe I'll spit on him for setting me free.
The longer I'm in this garden, the smarter I seem to get.
I know there's something about that tree I wasn't supposed to forget.
I just want to ruin everything for myself,
Because we're tired of paradise.
Yeah, We're itching for hell.
We've been in the desert for near forty years.
We're using our children's hands to dry off our tears.
Oh, and the promised land is getting closer I know!
Oh, but the wilderness looks every day more like home.

Thunder Island

You built your house out in the desert and I built mine on sinking sand.
All the people passing by with their outstretched hands to the sky,
to the dried up thirsty sky.
The ground has given up, I've never been so scared of dying.

I've been squandering my time out here laying with the swine.
Every single time a woman passes by and lays her lips upon my head,
I end up sleeping in her bed.

When my ship begins to sink, you'll be the violin that's singing me to sleep.
When my ship begins to sink you'll be walking on my sea.
When my day turns into night, you'll be still and small telling me everything's alright.

The Uncanny Terrance Treeclimber
The vultures fly low; they're looking to clean off my bones.
As a child, I remember my first words, "I don't want to die alone."
I've got two hands to climb this tree, but there's only room up here for me.
And though the sun is sinking low, from up here I can see my home!

Honey, Moon, Pie
Could I be the only one who is so afraid of bringing up a son?
I'm just happy where I am.
Took the hammer in my hands; I gave you a promise, I gave you the land.
You paint with the brush, you cut with the knife;
You can wait all you want, but you've waited all your life.
Sat on the shore but never were found.
You listened to my words, but was was the sound?
I want to go back home, I want to find me a wife,
I'm going to settle down and I'm going to build a life.
I'm going to settle down when I can stop being so afraid of everything.

Thunder Meadow
I heard a voice from the grave:
"Where you're going is where I'll be
Where you're going is where I've been."
Six strong men are gonna carry me!

I saw you run outside, I saw the fruit you ate,
I know you're still not dead no matter what they say.
Saying "The sun don't shine, it's just a burned out star."
A meadow waits for you, you know it's not that far.


El Salvador said...

This is wonderful. Just
wonderful. Thank-
you for putting
these up.

The_Writer said...

Thanks for this! I had thought that only about half the songs touched on themes of faith until I read these. Leper, not lover? Totally changes the meaning.

dearjeremiah said...

Fantastic lounge act today guys. It's going to be a tough lesson in waiting for February. Hurray for minivans!

achilles3 said...

oh the wonderful world wide web!
just downloaded the WOXY Lounge Acts show via Kate's blog

Issac and Josh, without sounding to adult or paternal (we all know I'm not and that I should never be) I'm wicked proud that you two are kickin ass and making music. Doesn't surprise me one bit.
When you get big and tour in Seoul Korea you've got a place to crash.
Keep it have a big time fan a half a world away!
Mr. Lakes...Achilles...whatever.

bear said...

Hey guys - I love the album art to the "Everything is Alive" album. Who's the artist? I'd love to find a way to buy some of their stuff. Thanks - Jeff