Here in Cincinnati for the past two days everyone has basically been snowed in. I believe it is officially a "blizzard" now too. A few of us had a nice snow day today with a couple of movies. We started off with Eraserhead. I must say that I enjoyed it much more the second time. After that we started West Side Story, one of my favorites. We didn't finish because we got a little distracted. But, I'll fess up and say that Maria makes my heart melt a little, which was nice on such a cold day.

Also, thought this was interesting.

Lastly, if you are not busy this Monday night we are playing with this wonderful band Islands at the also wonderful Southgate House. I don't think Monday Night Football is on yet, so it would be nice to see some familiar (or unfamiliar) faces there.


Joe said...

i must have shovelled a weight of snow today that was literally in the tons. luckily i had that sweet scarf you gave me to keep warm.
i bet there's enough snow on the southgate house yard to build an igloo, which would be a pretty great place to live for the next few days, until it melted.