I would be flustered.

If I met Brian Eno.

But I think the verdict is still out on Coldplay's new album, even though he produced it.

Any thoughts anyone? I really like "Strawberry Swing" a great deal.

Look out for the random shot of Jay-Z in there looking like he's about to impart some wisdom on some unsuspecting gangster about how the game is run and then start crying cause he owns the game and it's so poignant.


The_Writer said...

Did I see Ricky Gervais, too? My thought on Coldplay is that fans just like that warm, fuzzy feeling that comes from emotional anthems and tear-jerking orchestra swells. They'd be better off listening to Sigur Ros or Doves. But I'm a snob. I'm not a fan of the new album (too much sampling, overproduction, the usual criticisms), but I'll give "Strawberry Swing" another listen.

El Salvador said...

I'm not sure exactly how I feel about the new Coldplay, but I agree, Strawberry Swing FTW.