This is the first time I have posted anything on here. I'm excited. I hope I say something awesome.

I just got home from a bike ride with Isaac. We found a new part of our neighborhood, which was exciting, but the chain broke on my bicycle, which was dumb. So I skitched a ride on Isaac's bike all the way back, (whenever I wasn't pushing my feet off the curb like some animal that may do a similar action.) Now I am tired, and have dirty hands, and we're getting ready to eat beans and rice and salad. Also we're having sangria.

Today I ate lunch with Curt Kiser, because he is work neighbors with me now. We are going to start car-pooling I hope.

We bought a new van. It's out in the driveway. I like to look at it out the window when I'm not doing other things. Sometimes I even go outside and get in it. Only for a second though, because it's so hot. But at least summer is finally here.

We leave in a few days for a short tour with Javelins. I've liked them a lot since high school.

I'll let this be all for tonight. Thank you! Have good dreams.