Backety Back.

We're back from our spring tour thing. It was great. Met a lot of friends and saw some old ones.

Personal hightlights include:

-Getting a flat tire in the Bronx at 7am after driving all night
-Driving all night and attempting to listen to Boredoms (Too many energy drinks)
-Seeing the ocean for the first time at night
-Watching Matilda on TV in a hotel room
-North Carolina in the spring-time (Lots of wisteria)
-Driving through northern Missouri and Iowa (and actually listening to Boredoms)
-Jakuta and Carl
-Finding a double-disc LP of Bobby Vinton's Greatest Hits for $1
-Alphabetizing the records at the Daytrotter studio.
-Seeing Chris Garneau and French Kicks play above the 40' latitude

I will upload the pictures once I get around to it you know.