Wings and things

We are on the road in the middle of the winter. We've been to two cities we have never been to before. We all enjoyed both Cleveland and Buffalo and until this morning we have yet to deal with any snow. I've been reading Exodus out loud to Joey while he drives and I was meaning to listen to one disc a day of a John Adams box set that I checked out from the library but I have yet to get into that habit, but today our drive is considerably longer than our previous two so I'll try a go at it today.

Sad to hear about Touch and Go.


Aku said...

Hi! I saw you live tonight at Cake Shop--I got hit in the face with a candy cane, then talked to Isaac briefly about blogging--and I just wanted to let you know how lovely the show was. It was my birthday, and it was pretty much perfect. Thanks for being great (and Isaac, I hope you find yourself near the library soon).

Morti said...

uh... wanna drive that tour bus of yours up to dayton some time this summer and do a show? pretty please?

and isaac, i've started reading hermann hesse and i'm really digging his stuff, especially siddhartha... thanks for the heads up.