Mr. Haru you are a nice cat.

What good is memory? Other than advancing in things such as science and literature what purpose does our memory serve. There is no one alive on earth that was here when so many important things happened so all we have is the written word and conjecture. Sometimes I wish I couldn't remember.

I've been able to ride my bike that past few days and it feels very, very good. It has been far too long.

When there is no one else around and we have no more tools of distraction, I've learned that you are faced with something that is unavoidable, and you must deal with what might be the mose annoying things in the world: yourself.

I watched part of the Grammys last night and it looks like the producers are bending to the whims of the "microwave" generation. Every musical performance was a "first-time-ever-on-the-same-stage" duet extravaganza, and every other awards presenter was a performer as well. Those that recieved awards hardly gave any type of acceptance speech and then it was on to the next premier collaboration. I guess commenting on how poorly it seemed all the performances were mixed would be moot because the sheer number of stage changes would be a logistical feat in and of itself so I think this year they just went for qauntity of quality to try and actually get people to watch an awards ceremony that I think people care less and less about. To me, the Grammys lost long ago the glimmer of meaning and accomplishment that they once held. The last few times I've watched it, it feels like an industry trying to pat itself on the back and know that it did a good job over the past year. The nail in the coffin and quite possibly one of the most ironic happenings at this years ceremony was Radiohead's performance. It was Radiohead's first time ever performing at the Grammy's and only after they self released their most recent album and basically turned their backs on the "old" music industry while simultaneously creating/embracing a new one. So here is a dead industry honoring a band that proved they could do it without their help, and singing a song with the first lyric: "You used to be all right, what happened?" It was good.

I watched the Fountain again and have concluded that it is possibly my favorite film of all time. It made me cry again, but at a different part. Everyone should see it.


surreptitiously ochre said...

I share in your frustration. If the Grammy's were a representation of the best that the industry has to offer, I'll gladly look elsewhere.

~Dan Johnson

Seth said...

Hey Isaac! It's been a while. I agree with you about the grammy's. Radiohead's performance was pretty good though. Also, I have seen Pi and Requiem for a dream but I have never seen the fountain. I have been meaning to watch that movie for a long time now. I will definitely get on that at some point in the near future. Hope all is well with you.