"A saint is not someone who is good, but someone who has seen the goodness of God"

-Thomas Merton

I'm sorry I haven't been updating as much. The network cark on my computer broke so I only have access to the internet at the library. Which is often closed later in the evenings when I am off work. If I had more than seven minutes left to be on here I would update more but a quote from the wonderful Mr. Merton will do for now.


Amanda said...

Sounds like a common epiphany from the wise:

Oswald Chambers quote: "Character in a saint means the disposition of Jesus Christ persistently manifested."

Hope all is well~

treebeard said...

although your card is busted, i thought you might like to know that sidewinder coffee shop has wireless and is open until midnight now. last time i was there, one of the workers had a laptop that people were sharing.

Jocelyn Aucoin said...

I had these friends in high school whom after reading a book my Merton would use us last name as a swear word. Well, part of it. They would stub their toe and say "Mert!" Don't worry, I know how weird this is.