We finished recording what will be our third album yesterday, ending with some final overdubs and some tidying up. We had an incredible time and are very pleased with the way everything turned out. Now we wait for mix master TJ to do what he does best, which is mix and master the record. We've worked longer, harder and scrapped more ideas for this record than any other and feel very pleased in the end with the results. I think there was definitely a hand in making this one that was not ours. We're excited for everyone to hear it.



Jacob said...

Can't wait to hear it guys! Glad to hear!

mixtape said...

Yay! I'm super excited to hear about your new record! But hey, when did you post this?! Can you fix your blog so that it shows the year of the post as well as the month and day? Less confusing that way :) Cheers

P.Jr said...