Lighting our heads and ways with shaky hands.

So we have been having a swell time thus far on tour with new besties Shaky Hands and old besties Headlights. Whilst in Michigan we (well everyone else but me) had some delicious burgers from a hodge podge cafe that looked like quite the feat to fit in the mouth. We also had a lovely visit to Rochester, New York which I think is a rather punk/goth type of town but the houses were lovely and old looking and our friend Josh shared his nice house with us. On our drive to Rochester we listened to the modern classic "Mwem" by our friends Math Blaster. If you haven't heard them please do so because it is worth it. We then played on the wonkiest of wonky but we had a good time and it was Joey's birthday so we all hugged him. I also read "The Gunslinger", by Stephen King, in its entirety that day which is the first time I've ever done that and I know now why he is one of the greatest modern storytellers. We celebrated Joey's birthday the next day in Boston by getting extreme ice-cream at a place called J.P. Licks and it was very good. The next day our CMJ show was fun and we got to meet up with our new friends and UK labelmates The Answering Machine. They were great "mates." We enjoyed their British acccents so much that the next day in the van we tried to emulate them to the enormous amusement of ourselves, but might have offended anyone else had they been there. Goucher College with Jukebox the Ghost and Philly at Kung Fu Necktie were both fun. I guess the Phillys are going to the World Series. Congratulations. I hope that the Fresh Prince sings the national anthem for that. I would watch that.

Things we've listened to in the van so far:

Liars-"S/T" & "Drums Not Dead"
Dead Man's Bones-"S/T"
Deerhunter-"Flourescent Grey EP"
Mount Eerie-"Winds Poem" & "Lost Wisdom"
The Knife-"Silent Shout"
M. Ward-"Transfiguration of Vincent"
Various LCD Soundsystem, Os Mutantes, "Brazil 70" and Bruce Springsteen songs.
As well as the Nathaniel Mayer song "Dreams Come True" quite a few times.

love love love