Thrashing it out and scrapping!

Went on a bike riding adventure last night with some friends. We were planning on heading downtown and cruising but then we ended up having a bruising. Friendly Curt misjudged where the driveway stopped and the curb started as he headed to get off the road and had a major spill. I don't remember quite what happened but I know that I was expecting to call an ambulance and then amazingly he gets up and is totally fine but very bummed about how tacoed his front wheel is. Luckily we were only about a mile and a half into our ride so we walk back and take a short cut and meet one of my friends Camp Washington neighbors, Princess. She asks what happened to the bike and we told her and as it turns out she is a metal scrapper and told us to "wait" while she "got one just like it" from her house. She then gave Curt an awesome yellow bike that was magically a really tall frame (Curt, you see, is a really tall person and frames his size are hard to come by) and then we actually took the old wheel off and put the one from the new bike on and rode home! So we ended the night with a frame and a wheel more than we started it with. We met up with manly Ben and then crazy Billy took us on an adventure of overpasses and abandoned factories and we tried to see about getting into the old Kahns factory and creeping ourselves out but we didn't make friends with the security guard before he disappeared. We also plotted about hopping trains in the future. We all sweata great deal but it felt good, praise the G-d for Curt's new bike and not having missing teeth! Yay.

the end