Temperature rising.

So here in Ohio, Governor Strickland is proposing a cut in funding to the public libraries by as much as 50% which would result in 20 branch closings, about 250 lost jobs, fewer new materials and so on and so forth. It's odd because on Strickland's website there is a paragraph right on the homepage about his commitment to education reform. Aren't the libraries a good place to start? It makes me wonder where we spend our money in this country. Nobody seemed to bat an eyelash when the government spent approximately $4 billion to make sure that we could all enjoy digital television all the while giving private corporations increased broadcasting power while not issuing a single new FCC license. Give them televisions, but take away the books. Bread and circus. I've heard that an unintelligent and entertained society is easier to manipulate and control, or maybe that's just something I read in Farenheit 451 or Brave New World?

"I have often thought that nothing would do more extensive good at small expense than the establishment of a small circulating library in every county, to consist of a few well-chosen books, to be lent to the people of the country under regulations as would secure their safe return in due time."

-Thomas Jefferson

Write your representative.


iloveagoodriot said...
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Morti said...

I may lose my job because of this :(