there is love forever

“All the contemporary crises can be reduced to a crisis about the nature of beauty.” –John O’Donohue

I am glad spring is here. I love seeing all the dogwood trees and tulip trees in all their annual splendor. The other day I was riding the bus home and there was a hillside that was sprinkled with all the magnificent white of six or seven dogwoods mixed in with all their green cousins praising the One, for whomever happened to look out the window. I looked and I was glad that I did.

I must remember that He is found outside so let us go outside to meet him. Let us go outside on the tattered edges of our very broken selves.Certain things I just don't care about anymore. Certain things I don't want to care about but I do and other things are important to me.

Been addicted to this song recently.

Finished writing a new song last night. Got 4 hours of sleep. Found out that the lady from one of my favorite bands, The Knife, is in a new group called Fever Ray.