When did we last think of golden suns

We are back from a tour down to SXSW with our new best friends Headlights and here are some pictures. There are some old ones thrown in there too so be warned.

absinthe blind

headlights love

shaded under stars

deastro friends forever


the mae shi

dream/nightmare? salt lick barbeque and a lot of meat


sunrise in texas after driving all night

hungry and excited in columbia

a frame house, beatles and nice friends and dogs

breakfast at saul's

cake shop

New CDs and nice people in Queens


working on the auto


Josh said...

that picture of seth is amazing.

The Messy Desk said...

Looks like fun. How were the people at SXSW?

Morti said...

so THAT'S the secret to joey's boyish vocals... motor oil.

Joe said...

oh man, that reminds me, cincinnati needs more randy chabot.