Really excited for their new album.


achilles3 said...


not exactly sure why but I think you'd dig this song:

Happy Xmas (and all dat)


(that wasn't me trying to mess with Jesus but I just typed it and I still think it's funny. hahaha)

achilles3 said...

btw LOVE this!

Isaac said...


Loving this song. Man, leave it to you and NPR! It's weird anymore, there is a lot of modern music I like, but so little that I LOVE. Looking at peoples "best of" lists it's a lot of really obvious choices. We listen to a lot of records in the van on tour and a lot of the big releases this year didn't really do it for me. Good songs, OK albums. Deerhunter's record was rad though. I'm making my annual christmas mix CD too so if you give me your address I can send it to you. Yeah this song is rad.


btw I know you aint messing with Jesus, he's baller enough to have a holiday ;)