Tour Update

Man, we have been having a blast this past week out on the road with homies and avoidin the cops and stuff like that. We played a game for a bit where we came up with riddles for each other. The rules we took from something I heard that Fleet Foxes do when they're on the road. You're basically supposed to come up with a couplet and the answer to the first line is supposed to be a band and the answer to the second line is a name of a song by that band. Also, you have to say the riddle as dramatically as you can in a Shakespearean accent. It's pretty fun but I'm not sure that it exactly makes time go by faster, so fair warning. When we were in New York we got to see lots and lots of friends and we celebrated record store day but we were way way late for any of the limited edition stuff.

That's all for now.

We've been jamming in the van:
Tiny Tim-God Bless Tiny Tim
Broken Social Scene-Forgiveness Rock Record
Peter, Bjorn & John-Living Thing
Ryan Adams-Love is Hell


achilles3 said...

Totally digging the new BSS!
Check out the new New Pornographers joint, Together. It's sweetness