Some of the other guys saw Bill Murray drive by in Austin at South By Southwest. By that I mean there were no guns involved.

Speaking of we had a great time in Austin. Speaking of I am greatly saddened by the news about recent Texas converts WOXY.com.

We had the inaugural fire pit at my house friday, kinda impromptu-like. I made some spicy coco and mint tea and there was veggie skyline chip dip. Thanks Krista.

Also, we went out diving the other night and hit GOLD like we were Humphrey Bogart in Sierra Madre. Probably about fifty pounds of bananas so if someone gets me some flour butter and eggs I'll make some banana bread for reals perhaps even with some little sweet bits of lemon or orange rinds.

We had a super super fun time with our new besties Jookabox. They taught us how to tuck and inspired us to discover our inner nick-name.

We are playing a free show at the botanical gardens at the zoo on April 1st with our friends Wussy. I'm really excited because I kind of like flowers a lot and I don't know how many times I'll be able to play in a garden like that. We're heading out in April with our friends Aloha too and we are all feeling giddy about hitting the road again, especially after picking up not one, but TWO fog machines on our last tour. Enter the dragon, babies.

Also, the two best albums I've heard so far this year:

J. Tillman-Year in the Kingdom

I think I'm going to be more excited about this year's releases than last years especially if there is a new Jookabox included in there somewhereabouts.

peace all


achilles3 said...

gonna listen again (so maybe I should be holding off...whatev) but I thought the new MGMT was boring. NOT that I wanted it to be like the first but I was just bleh about it.
I'll be BAHCK

Dan said...

Glad you like the new MGMT!
I was pretty glad that it's not a radio hit sensation, and something I can enjoy for a while. It seems like that was purposeful.

Not that I don't like the other album.