Last night today

Thanks to everyone who came to MidPoint last night and everyone who helped put it on or play. Twas' beautiful.

Something completely different.

" Think of the forces at work in the larger culture that work overtime to situate us with a privatized world of fantasy, spectacle and resentment that is entirely removed from larger social problems and public concerns. For instance, corporate culture within its unrelenting commercials and ads carpet bomb our audio and visual fields with the message that the only viable way to define ourselves is to shop and consume in an orgy of private pursuits. Popular culture traps us in the privatized universe of celebrity culture, urging us to define ourselves through the often empty and trivialized and highly individualized interests of celebrities."

-Henry A. Giroux

an excerpt from an article on illiteracy in America that can be read here. Thanks Lakes.


Devyn. Oliver. Glistovski. said...

Well, since the art movement of the late 20's and then over to its sweep from the west after the 60's i have looked to postmodernism and its affects on our culture and pop-culture. We shape our daily lives around what we see and feel and hear, and what is force fed to the youth and ignorant souls of this (magnificent country...ha) is what is hip or pop. I mean i want be cool an have chicks like me so im going to dress just like Jake Gyllenhaal or Brad Pitt right? ha ya ok, so anyways i mean what can we expect from this culture if our own idealism cant even help. Maybe all hope is lost? Maybe its not? But can we move in that direction of freedom from outside influence and self-indulgent pop slugs trying to get us to buy there t-shirt with a lion and a name on it costing 100 clams. I think so.. i hope so>>>

Devyn. Oliver. Glistovski. said...

sorry just a little incoherent rant about my disgusted of the jonas brothers>>>