last night

hey everyone! just wanted to let you guys know im doing ok. for those of you who don't know, i was hit by a car last night while i was crossing the street (at a crosswalk in which i had the right of way i might add) on my way to the southgate house in newport kentucky to play a show with bearhands. (who are a great band and awesome dudes by the way.) i don't actually remember the getting hit part as i was knocked unconscious for about 15 minutes. there was actually no pain at the time which is really good. i got a 2 inch laceration on the side of my head and just a few scrapes and scratches. i was extremely lucky. they took me to uc hospital in an ambulance, which was fun, and once there they did a bunch of tests, put 10 staples in my head, and let me go in a matter of 4 hours. thanks to everyone who came to the hospital! and ben lehman, thanks for the note. it made me laugh.


Jeremy McGinniss said...

Hey Brother,
Glad to hear that you are doing okay.
Hope your healing is quick and complete.
Really enjoying your album and looking forward to your future work. Your Daytrotter session and especially that last jam was mind-blowing.
Keep it up! When are you guys coming by the Binghamton/Ithaca area?

TuloBroChill said...

dude I'm glad you're all right

chineselanterns said...

we're all really glad that you are okay.

Dave Metalhawk said...

Hey Josh,
Very very very glad you are ok. Take good care of yourself during recovery period.

For the last couple weeks i had looked forward to seeing everyone monday and hearing the wonderful music, sadly had to work. I hope to see you all before your Feb touring, and will try to make it to Cleveland. take care! Dave

Jocelyn Aucoin said...

It didn't come off as if you were mad at the guy at all! Glad to hear you are doing okay, Josh. We were so concerned!! xoxox

Amanda said...

Like everyone else, I'm glad you're doing well. The show was good times, but it was definitely sobered without you.

Are you going to continue to tour?

Joey said...

allow me to speak for Joshua. There will be no touring in his future, near or distant. Thanks for the concern.

Dave Metalhawk said...

Wow, Not good.
Hope he is alright.
Anyone seeing him pass along to him that he is in our prayers

Jacob said...

Allow me to speak for Joshua. We played in Pittsburgh a few days later. Everything is good to go!