Everything is Alive

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thus exits this guy...

it's been a fun journey. i am a better person because of it. thank you to everyone for showing me love.

You Need This Now

One of my favorite people in the world is my friend Cameron Cochran. He used to play in a group called The Sheds. He's in a new group now with Henry Wilson. The group is called Pop Empire. Cam showed me a bunch of the tracks while they were being completed and I've been waiting to hear them again and now is the time. You can download the whole EP for FREE at popempire.com.

You've Gotta Have Faith

We had a great night in Indianapolis the other night. Met up with a bunch of the Jookabox crew and I unintentionally saw Benny pee on the ground right beside our van. A lot of old friends came to the show too and thanks to new friend Brandon for lending his hospitality to our stay and for letting him keep him up by rewatching this video over and over.

We also got to see ye olde Nick from Headlights. He showed us around Milwaukee, which is a pretty awesome place. Thanks.

Crayon Painter

Christian Faur is an artist that uses crayons to create these portraits. I love it. Kind of reminds me of Chuck Close's recent work. Check out more of his stuff here

Chimpanzee on a Segway

Josh and I were talking about this the other day. Thank you friends at Carleton College for showing this to us
if there is one thing that i know i am very good at it is sticking my foot in my mouth. i would like to apologize to all of you for inferring in my last post that jacob was rude in our enquirer article. he is a great person that i love and love making music with and i know he would not do that purposely. i act like a 4 year old sometimes.

Mr. 2009--It was great to meet you

These are some of my favorite albums that may or may not have actually come out in 2009 but I enjoyed during the year, sorry, but I just don't care for linear sequencing anymore.

Chet Baker-Chet Baker Sings

Jookabox-Dead Zone Boys

Lightning Bolt-Earthly Delights

M. Ward-Transfiguration of Vincent

REM-Automatic for the People

Back to Mono: The Phil Spector Collection

Here We Go Magic-Here We Go Magic

School of Seven Bells-Alpinisms

Real Estate-Real Estate

Bob Dylan-Blood on the Tracks

Deerhunter-Rainwater Cassette Exchange

The Platters-Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

Evangelicals-The Evening Descends

Scott Walker-Scott 4

Guitar Girl