Hum Home Honey

Had an interesting conversation with a friend tonight about "Nudists" or "Naturism" and how it relates to spirituality. The reasoning and how people get involved in something like that fascinates me. That got me wondering if there are any Christian Naturists out there and it turns out there are. What they have to say about the body and how it relates to the spirit is very interesting. I found a really great website called Our Sun Home. It's a site/resort started by a couple in California. There's a really good essay written by the husband Jeff who actually has a degree from Fuller Seminary.

We are also playing Midpoint Music Festival this weekend too with a bunch of really great bands from our label, Lujo Records. Should be a good time.

Something to tide you over till then.

Sorry if you still have it

Our time at Red Rocks was great. Tour has been very fun so far. We are playing in Chicago at the Double Door tonight on a string of shows with French Kicks. I'll update with pictures once we are home.

Got to see our friends Say Panther and Oh, Falco in St. Louis. That city is quickly becoming our second home.

Saw this the other day and thought it was great.

Also we saw this band under a full moon.

Tour Tyme Update Pt. I

We are out again on the never ending expanse of highways that the United States has to offer to road weary travelers. But it has been fun so far. We are on our way to Monolith Music Festival and we just arrived in Colorado earlier tonight for it. It is so beautiful out here from what I can tell so far and we are joined by our good friend and room mate Chris.

Our first night went really well in Columbus with Ra Ra Riot. They put on quite the compelling live show to be certain and they are on tour for a while so be sure to catch them. Also they have the most beautiful string section I've ever seen except for maybe The Po,lyphonic Spree.

Our show in Omaha went well but it seems every time we are there it rains gratuitously upon our little land lubber heads.

No crazy adventures to speak of yet but I am going to take pictures tomorrow during the festival and of Red Rocks. I think Josh and I might try to sleep outside.

Also, I feel that on this tour more than any other we have listened to a very eclectic assortment of music. So far: Nick Drake, Wolf Parade, Elliot, Tom Waits, John Coltrane, Radiohead, Delta Spirit, Arvo Part, Beastie Boys, Jens Lekman, Talking Heads.
I guess that's all pretty typical stuff seeing it written down like that minus classical and jazz thrown in there.

Oh well.


Came across this today. It is an article about volunteers with the Food Not Bombs movement. Basically Food Not Bombs is a nonviolent movement committed to promoting peace and providing free vegetarian meals. 8 organizers were arrested while planning to hand out food to protesters at the RNC and were charged with "Conspiracy to Riot in Furtherance of Terrorism." Read more here.

Start your own currency.

This is one of the more inspiring things I have read in a very long time. His name is Zell Kravinsky.

I also just listened The Cranberries classic-"Zombie"- on a mix from a friend.
They don't call them classics for nothing. Any song with a "china cymbal" is "good" in my book.

The aforementioned instrument:

I have had two conversations recently where I referenced Thoreau's book "Walden." Neither had quite any idea what I was talking about. Is it not as wildly popular as I thought? Is it not the first choice for beach-reading-material (BRM) of vacationing professionals, young people and newlyweds? I just need to know so I don't make a fool of myself in the future.

This is a really awesome video from an artist whose music I hopefully listen to more in the future. Also, I have no "idea" what it is. Also, in this video Bjork looks like a really attractive 50's housewife in Willy Wonka's crazy dark tunnel. You know the one.

This great state

Not exactly what I was looking for but brilliant nonetheless. Especially the guitar solo.

Also genius.

wolf at the door (old news I know)

G8 leaders have eight-course dinner before food crisis talks.

Really. Read for yourself.

September's coming soon