I would be flustered.

If I met Brian Eno.

But I think the verdict is still out on Coldplay's new album, even though he produced it.

Any thoughts anyone? I really like "Strawberry Swing" a great deal.

Look out for the random shot of Jay-Z in there looking like he's about to impart some wisdom on some unsuspecting gangster about how the game is run and then start crying cause he owns the game and it's so poignant.


I'm thinking about starting a feature here on EO. If I do it might be called "Dis, Cuss, Dat". Or perhaps "You Better Start Talkin'" Either way I'm just going to show this picture and caption and let anyone who wants to guess what this feature is actually going to be about, to go right ahead and do so.

"Hopefully, myself in 30 years."

A very good band.

This is easily one of the best late night musical performances I've ever seen (on youtube).

A Hole or a Boat

So we are back from our wee little tour. We did some dates with our new best friends Javelins. They are super awesome. There was much album discussion, a Harry Nilsson sing along, some rocking, some turning down, a little dancing, some Daytrotting with a little Spaghett, pajama wearing and maybe some spooning. We have their new album and it is awesome. Simply put, awesome. It will own the world when it comes out. As in, it will purchase Bill Gates' soul it is that good. It's also called Heavy Meadows.

This little run was the first in which we took our new van. A white Ford 15-passenger something-or-other. It does not have a name yet. Suggestions?

I also had a little experiment this tour. I took one shirt (okay, two but one was backup) and little else. I have read interesting things about baking soda and boy, were they all true! I had a spray bottle that was filled with some baking soda and some water and used it as deodorant. I brushed my teeth with it and each night I would soak my shirt in some warm baking soda water and let it dry for the next day. I can now confidently say that baking soda is one of my favorite things in the world. For a complete list of all its other uses look here. I swear by it I think.

We also played at Main Street Cafe in Kansas City and met Denise, the woman who runs it. I would say she is one of the nicest and sweetest ladies I have ever met.

Also you can now download our Daytrotter session from their website and see the lovely painting they did of us.

This Friday the 27th I am DJing at Seabird's album release party. It is on a boat!

Dear McCauly

The road has been good to us once again. We ran into a swarm of bees in our van yesterday though. It sounded like rain and that was sad. We are coming back home with Javelins tonight and playing at the Gypsy Hut. Pete and Repeat will be there too.

This is a cool video that will put you in the mood for taxidermy or romance.

Javelins - "Out on the Sand" from Suburban Sprawl Music on Vimeo.

For who among us knows how we shall end up?

But in seeing Him we will be like Him.

and we know that we are children.

The National Hummus Party

I woke up this to NPR on my radio alarm clock and heard about an organization called Share Our Strength that has a program called Operation Frontline:

"...[a] groundbreaking nutrition-education program that connects families with food by teaching them how to prepare healthy, tasty meals on a limited budget."

Kashi, makers of delicious whole grain snacks of all kinds is partnering with them. The cheapest foods to buy are the ones that are the worst for your body so hearing that somebody is doing something about it makes me glad.

Speaking of, I made some delicious hummus yesterday. Making it yourself is indeed unbelievable more frugal and fun, so if anyone wants the recipe or wants to set up a hummus making party, just let me know.

Some additional reading about corn syrup:
Soda Pop!


Listen to the whole album!

That link takes you to a neat little E-Card for Everything is Alive if you wanna check it out.


This is the first time I have posted anything on here. I'm excited. I hope I say something awesome.

I just got home from a bike ride with Isaac. We found a new part of our neighborhood, which was exciting, but the chain broke on my bicycle, which was dumb. So I skitched a ride on Isaac's bike all the way back, (whenever I wasn't pushing my feet off the curb like some animal that may do a similar action.) Now I am tired, and have dirty hands, and we're getting ready to eat beans and rice and salad. Also we're having sangria.

Today I ate lunch with Curt Kiser, because he is work neighbors with me now. We are going to start car-pooling I hope.

We bought a new van. It's out in the driveway. I like to look at it out the window when I'm not doing other things. Sometimes I even go outside and get in it. Only for a second though, because it's so hot. But at least summer is finally here.

We leave in a few days for a short tour with Javelins. I've liked them a lot since high school.

I'll let this be all for tonight. Thank you! Have good dreams.


I'm too busy

Totally in love with this right now

always in love

and just because its funny